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Gareth Ogilvie The Highland War Chieftain J.W. Murison

Gareth Ogilvie The Highland War Chieftain

J.W. Murison

Kindle Edition
560 pages
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 About the Book 

This novel was an indulgence of the mind, a tongue in cheek science fiction fantasy adventure that romps across vast continents, from mountain ranges that challenge the Himalayas to burning deserts and a sea of bones. Myth and magic combine to make it a romping tale of a faraway world where only a small band of Highland men, most of whom are bitter enemies, can save the world from slavery.This gallant warrior band is led by the greatest War Chieftain that ever lived Gareth Ogilvie. Betrayed by a brother he chose a life of shame and solitude rather than bring grief to his family, yet despite his dishonor men still flock to stand by his side, and only the foolish dared mention it.When they reach the lowlands they are immediately enveloped in a world of black sorcery. Stabled with the War Eagles as a mark of disrespect, Gareth and his Highlanders form a bond with the majestic creatures. Enslaved for thousands of years and bound by magical rings these masters of the air await the day when their rings will be cast off, and what will happen when that day finally arrives, you will have to read and see.This book was aimed squarely at my male readers, however to my surprise- strong female leads have also attracted an astounding following from my female readers. To find out more about this book visit www.jwmurison.co.uk, or to read snippets visit my J W Murison page on face book.