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Faking Felicity Lennie


Felicity Lennie

Published July 14th 2011
Kindle Edition
202 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Originally of Viking ancestry, my family has always lived in Devon & many are natural storytellers so I guess I grew up to be one myself. This was honed by a very tough but brilliant teacher who instructed me to live before settling down to write so I took her advice. I did many jobs, travelled extensively- studied many subjects- ran clubs- did charity work and said yes to every opportunity that came my way. I also create Logic problems and crosswords. I think too that embroidering tapestries helped me with weaving detailed labyrinth plots. I love complicated plots that tantalize and characters that have kept me company through some tough times fighting cancer.On a positive note, Cancer gave me time to write. I started whilst nursing my dad through cancer. A publisher accepted it but I discovered I needed emergency treatment for cancer myself and the publisher Hale went whilst I was in treatment so I missed that chance. I kept writing books during my own cancer battle. I found I could entertain patients around me with my stories and take their minds off the pain and treatment so thats how the earliest ones got written. The books are mostly dedicated to them as a memorial. Now I cannot stop writing and truly rejoice every day I can. Writing keeps me alive.