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Two Oklahoma Ghost Stories Steven E. Wedel

Two Oklahoma Ghost Stories

Steven E. Wedel

Published July 15th 2012
ISBN : 9780615671284
112 pages
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 About the Book 

This volume collects the novellas Little Graveyard on the Prairie and Seven Days in Benevolence. LITTLE GRAVEYARD ON THE PRAIRIE Harley Shaws life is falling apart around him. His best pasture is ruined. His cattle are gone. His wife is gone. His daughter is gone. His sanity is slipping away, and there may be dead people taunting him. Dead aint gone, and gone aint dead. After his land was ruined in oil speculation, Harleys wife left him, taking thier young daughter with her. Harley had to find a new source of income, so he began selling all-natural burial plots on his secluded farm. But the bodies arent where theyre supposed to be. Now the souls of the dead and visions of Harleys own past are threatening to make him lose his mind. SEVEN DAYS IN BENEVOLENCE Dena was recently divorced and ready for a new life in Benevolence. She had a new job and an old house. The job was promising. The house was perfect. It had plenty of space for her and her two daughters. It had a great yard. It was just what she needed. She really thought this week was going to be the start of something wonderful. The house had other ideas...